Who We Are

Sixteen years ago, we asked ourselves a question…

“How can we give more more people the opportunity to travel? What can we do to make vacation accessible to everyone?”

From that question, Event Nerdz was born.

Since then, we set out to understand the entertainment and travel industry, find the pain points for consumers, and how we can help. We started small and local, sharing any deal we could get. Today, we partner with some of the largest names in hospitality and entertainment industry.

Our mission is to bring you the best experiences we can find. We are always hunting for amazing dealz so you don’t have to.

Why We Do It

We are a group of enthusiastic entrepreneurs, yogis, bikers, musicians, rock climbers, hikers, world travelers, skiers, surfers, and photographers – to name a few. We have a large appetite for life and are always trying to go new places and try new things.

It’s the fun experiences like concerts, ball games, camping and traveling, that make the daily grind worth it. We want you to get out there and create unforgettable memories with family, friends, and loved ones.

This past year threw a wrench in everything we have been trying to create, but that didn’t stop us. We are back with bigger and better offers than before. Trust us when we say, we are itching to get back out there just as much as you are. Before we can have fun, we want to take care of YOU first.

Popular Dealz

Breckenridge Giveaway

Win a 8-day 7-night stay in Breckenridge for two

Cancun Giveaway

beach 2

Win a 8-day 7-night stay in Cancun

Hawaii Giveaway

Win a 4-day 3-night stay on Hawaii for two

Scottsdale Giveaway

Win a 8-day 7-night stay in Scottsdale for two

Gatlinburg Giveaway

Win a 8-day 7-night stay in Gatlinburg

Palm Springs Giveaway

Win a 8-day 7-night stay in Palm Springs for two

Colorado Giveaway

Win a 8-day 7-night stay in Colorado for two

Las Vegas Giveaway

Win a 8-day 7-night stay in Las Vegas