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Genie+ Pass


I went to Walt Disney World in Florida two weeks ago for a birthday gift to myself and did a solo trip but had the BEST TIME!! I attempted to sign up for the Genie+ from my hotel room and pay with my debit card which had more than enough available, but the app kept telling me it couldn’t process which I assumed was because I was technically “off property” so I thought that might have been the problem. When I got to the gates at Magic Kingdom I asked a Cast Member for help with this. He explained that it shouldn’t matter if you are technically off property and the genie+ can be added to your profile from anywhere but maybe because my account is with a local credit union they have restrictions on out of state purchases for account protection. He asked me if I would let him look at my cell phone and let him check to see if I had any sort of ban on my phone that wouldn’t allow me to purchase so from the app. I handed him my cell phone and he did something on his iPad and handed my phone back to me and said you’re all set, I added it for you at no cost. THANK YOU AARON FROM BUFFALO NY!!! ❤️❤️❤️
That evening I looked at my bank account online and it showed that I had been charged 3 times for the genie+ from when I attempted to do it from my hotel room. The next morning I went to Guest Services at Epcot, explained what happened the day before and they erased all charges from my account, apologized repeatedly for the delay with the app and any confusion it caused and THEN added it to my profile at no cost for the second day!!! Haha I couldn’t believe it!!! Thank you cast member Aaron (from Buffalo NY) at the Magic Kingdom main gate and thank you cast members in Guest Services at the main gate at Epcot!! ❤️

Advice From a Foodie

@lilaclela‘s favorite part about Disney World is the food, drinks, & seasonal treats as she is a a big foodie. You can’t go wrong with the Mickey pretzel. The best place for drinks at Disney World is Trader Sam’s at the polynesian for sure! It is always fun finding new colorful spots to take photos at!

Pirates of the Caribbean

@morgandanielle55 loved the Pirates of the Caribbean ride and her son absolutely loved every roller coaster. Disney World always has really good food and the fireworks at the end of the night was her all time favorite thing about her day at the theme park.

Just Explore

@sonnynnat loved walking around and exploring all the parks! Where ever you walk there was always something going on. There was so many fun things to look at and do that’s not just fun for kids! Between the rides, the dance shows with all the characters favorites, rum cocktails, every rice crispy treat they could get their hands on were the best and just added to the experience. They even got to watch a proposal that was the sweetest thing ever, all things are possible in Disney.

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