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Central Park

TRAVEL TIPZ from this local, @gardenviewnyc! Her favorite activity in Central Park is the RC sailboats. You can rent them just north of the 72nd street entrance on Fifth Ave. Pro tip: Every Saturday morning around 10AM a club races the RC sailboats and it is fun to go watch!⛵

Brooklyn Bridge

We have recommendations from one of our Nerdz, @pilotriki. Two attractions you MUST visit on your trip to NYC is the Empire State Building and the Brooklyn Bridge. Don’t forget to stop at the @shakeshack before you start your day of exploring! Thanks for the tipz @pilotriki!🌉

Can't Go to NYC Without Doing This!

You can’t go to NYC without going to the @metmuseum, just saying!👨‍🎨 Thank you @faithmillr for the travel ideas!

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