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Must Try!

Emari had a great time in Universal Studios, Hollywood! She loved the Secret Life of Pets ride. It was so cute and looked exactly liked the movie!🐩 The Wizarding World of Harry Potter was fun, and she tried Butter Beer for the first time at the park.🍻 It is a must next time you go to Universal Studios! Jurassic World-The Ride was a thrill, escaped dinosaurs and all!🦕

Jurassic World

@tayyybeee had the best time at Universal Studios, Hollywood! Her favorite rides were the Revenge of Mummy rollercoaster and the Jurassic World ridel!🦖 When you go to Universal Studios you need to get the corn dogs and drinks located on the lower lot.🌭 The Studio Tour as it’s a classic and everyone should do it!

Food And A Show

@flowerchildbebs has some Universal Studios, Hollywood tipz for us! Her favorite thing about Universal Studios is the characters, it’s always a fun prop moment when they come around especially Shrek and Fiona!!🤗 Her favorite ride has to be The Secret Life of Pets: Off the leash and Jurassic world- The ride, this one is just such a classic!🦖

A churro is a park must every time! She also loves getting the nachos at the Minion Cafe, pork ramen at Hollywood and dine is delicious, and a blue raspberry Squishee at Cletus’ Chicken Shack to cool down from the Hollywood sun!

With that being said always remember to bring sunblock and apply every 2 hours!😎 Her favorite activities are the many shows that are offered such as; Animal actors, Water World, and Kung Fu Panda Adventure! These are awesome for the people who don’t want to go on rides. Also the Studio Tour Tram Ride is a must. Universal is her happy place and she cannot wait for Super Nintendo world in early 2023 to open!!✨

Harry Potter World

@taylor.muse has a favorite ride at @unistudios! Harry Potter and the Forbidden Journey ride! The line is part of the ride which is super cool if you’re a fan of Harry Potter. The ride itself was super immersive and it was like you were truly there!🧙 They ate delicious Burgers from the Island Cafe but their favorite was a giant donut inside the Simpsons World!🍩

The Fan Favorite

@virginnniaaaa has some @unistudios favs! Her favorite part would definitely be The Wizarding World of Harry Potter. The butter beer is must try!!🍺 You also need to try the Harry Potter and the Forbidden Journey ride! We feel like The Wizarding World of Harry Potter is everyones favorite. Do you agree?✋

She loves that universal has characters that are always out. She was able to meet her favorite childhood character Shrek and it made her whole entire day! The Studio Tour it’s definitely a must next time you go to universal as well! The Studio Tour is the theme park’s signature attraction!

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